Molecular Diagnostics including, DNA, RNA, Protein, Antibodies

"16SrRNA, ITS1 and ITS2, 5.8S rRNA ITS1 and ITS2, 26S rRNA, COX, CytC, rpoB, ATP synthase, NS1, VP1, VP2, rbcl, matK, beta globin gene, ELISA, PCR, RT PCR, Hb electrophoresis, SDS PAGE, PRP proteins profiling, X and Y chromosome PCR studies, Plant sex identification at juvenile stage, male associated DNA, Plant Molecular Markers: STR, ISSR, RAPD, RFLP, AFLP-PCR , RT PCR


Diagnostics services:

1. Hemoglobinopathies (Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia): 2. DNA fingerprinting; 3. 16S rRNA ribotyping at species level

4. ITS2 based plant identification at species level; 5. ELISA; 6. DNA PCR; 7. RNA RT PCR

(Human, Viral, Bacterial, Plant, Fungus, Parasite, Wildlife, Frog, Equine, Lab Animals, Genotyping, Genetic Toxicology, Mycoplasma, Yeast etc.). For more details, please visit our lab and discuss the service under contract research.